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No Injuries In Marshall County Gas Explosion

PROCTOR — No one was injured in an explosion that occurred late Friday evening at the Blake well pad’s gas production unit, said Tom Hart, director of the Marshall County Office of Emergency Management.

Hart said Marshall County’s 911 dispatchers started receiving calls from several residents about the explosion at about 9:45 p.m. The owner of the well pad, Tug Hill, checked on the pad and was able to remotely shut down the site, which extinguished the fire.

Hart said Tug Hill shut down several of its other nearby well pad sites as a precaution. The Blake well pad site will remain shut down until Tug Hill can determine what caused the explosion, Hart said.

He noted no one had to be evacuated because the fire did not leave the well pad area. Several fire departments from Marshall and Wetzel counties did respond, but the fire already was extinguished, he noted.

“There was some fire damage to equipment,” he said. “When they shut the well down that cut off the flow of gas.”

Hart said the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection would followup with its own inquiry.

The Blake well pad is located near Proctor off Bandit Drive.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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