Reynolds Candidate For 4th District House Seat


MOUNDSVILLE — Charlie Reynolds calls himself “an easy going guy,” but he says he is ready to mix it up at the West Virginia Legislature for what he believes.

Reynolds, a Republican from Moundsville, has filed as a candidate for the 4th District House of Delegates seat. Two are to be elected in the race, and he and Rebecca Stiles are the GOP candidates on the primary election ballot.

The Democratic ticket includes Delegate Lisa Zukoff, D-Marshall, and attorney Christian Turak.

“I’m a simple guy,” he said. “I don’t get excited, but I am passionate about West Virginia. If I think I have a good idea, I will fight for it.”

Reynolds has ideas for legislation to improve the state’s foster care system, protect 2nd Amendment gun ownership rights, and to eliminate the equipment tax paid by companies.

“In Charleston, they bicker and fight over the simplest of things when they should be working on other things,” he said. “I have some ideas, but I would have to work with Democrats to make them happen. I think I could do that.”

Reynolds, 48, works as a railroad terminal manager in Hannibal, and he would like to see more jobs like his come to the state. He knows there is a push in high school for more trades people, but he also doesn’t want youths to not dream about college or professional careers.

“I was always the guy who was hands on,” he said. “I liked heavy equipment, and tearing up and putting things back together. We do need those kind of jobs.

“But I also want to see our kids pushed into other degrees — doctors, lawyers — and do a little better for themselves. I have always been poor in my life.You have to reach for the higher goals.”

Reynolds said he is a member of the National Rifle Association, and is a “gun guy.” Still, he said gun rights shouldn’t be the most important thing lawmakers have to debate.

“We don’t have to worry about guns so much as we do our children,” he said.

The large number of youths in West Virginia’s foster system is of great concern to Reynolds.

“Both of my parents, when they were 18, came out of children’s home,” he said. “This affected me a lot, and it does a lot of people. I’d like to adopt and make my family bigger.”

Reynolds’ wife Nicole is a teacher’s aide at John Marshall High School, and they have two children of their own. Son Nate, 16, has aspirations to be a surgeon, and daughter Brooke, 14, is looking toward microbiology as a profession.

“I believe in keeping the family together,” he said. “I was never pushed, put I’ve pushed my kids to achieve for more than what I did”


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