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Gov. Justice: Nursing home COVID-19 testing done, time to test assisted living facilities, day cares


CHARLESTON – West Virginia has completed coronavirus testing of all nursing home residents and staff, but a new executive order issued Wednesday calls for mandatory testing of assisted living facilities and day care staff.

Gov. Jim Justice announced the new executive order Wednesday during his daily coronavirus briefing at the Capitol in Charleston.

The motivation for the executive came after Justice announced that four day care workers in Kanawha County tested positive for the coronavirus even though they had no symptoms. State officials have said that testing for the state’s 93 assisted living facility residents and staff would start after nursing home testing was finished.

The Department of Health and Human Resources announced Wednesday that all 123 nursing homes had completed testing for COVID-19, the respiratory virus that has infected 1,248 West Virginians and has killed 50 people, most of whom were nursing home residents.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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