Testing Continues at Drive-Through Locations in Ohio, Marshall Counties

A COVID-19 drive-thru test site continues to operate at Wheeling Park.

WHEELING — While both Ohio and Marshall counties offer similar COVID-19 testing procedures and outdoor testing sites through two local hospitals, there is still no official testing site in Brooke County.

Ohio County Health Department Administrator Howard Gamble said while you can get tested for COVID-19 without a doctor’s reference in Ohio County, those seeking testing at the county’s drive-through site at Wheeling Park must still register by calling Wheeling Hospital’s COVID-19 testing phone number at 304-221-3995.

“You would call the number which links you to Wheeling Hospital, you would get registered, give them all your insurance and all your demographics, and then you’re scheduled. And then you can actually report (to the testing site) the day you call,” Gamble explained.

He said while you don’t need a physician’s reference, your family physician is permitted to register you for testing at the outdoor tented site.

Gamble said if anyone shows up at the testing site at Wheeling Park without first being registered, the health department or hospital staff on site will ask you to pull off to the side of the lot in your vehicle first and call the number to get registered.

Gamble is quick to point out that for those who decide to go through Doctor’s Urgent Care or MedExpress in Wheeling for COVID-19 testing, their requirements are a little bit different than the county’s set-up.

“The set-up we (Ohio County) created with Wheeling Hospital is a little different — you call, you get registered — you give them the demographics … but if you show up without registering you’ll be asked to pull over to the side and register,” he added.

Ohio County’s COVID 19 testing site at Wheeling Park is open 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday – Friday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday.

Similar to Ohio County, those seeking COVID-19 testing at a site in Marshall County set-up outside WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Glen Dale, don’t need a physician’s reference, according to Marshall County Health Department Administrator Tom Cook. However, Cook said they first need to call the hospital’s COVID-19 phone number at 304-221-3995 to be registered through the hospital’s nurse navigator triage.

Cook said for those seeking testing who don’t have a physician’s reference, there is a medical director on site who will sign testing orders for the patient once they are processed through the nurse navigator. The test site is open from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. While there is no official COVID-19 testing site established in Brooke County, through a local hospital, like in Ohio and Marshall counties, Brooke County Health Department Director Mike Bolen said patients can be tested at any local or regional medical facilities, such as Weirton Medical Center.

“You still have to go to a healthcare facility to get tested,” Bolen commented.

He said Weirton Medical Center still has an outdoor COVID-19 triage site, however it’s not set up as an everyday drive-through service.

Bolen said his office is recommending to those seeking testing that they first contact their physician’s office before going to a facility for testing.

“It’s better to call your physician, than just showing up,” he added.


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