Five new COVID-19 positive cases confirmed Saturday in Ohio County


Ohio County now has seen 73 positive COVID-19 cases as on Saturday the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department reported five new positives.

A total of 14 new cases have come since Thursday. The county has seen a 70 percent increase in cases in the past month.

There currently are 25 active cases in Ohio County, according to statistics from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

The Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department continues to monitor an outbreak of COVID-19 at the First Baptist Church in Wheeling. At this time, the health department is monitoring 9 positive cases of COVID-19 linked to the church, with other tests pending. The church leadership is working with the health department to ensure all people exposed have been contacted and tested.

Ohio County and Ohio Valley residents are advised to limit public contact, implement social distancing, work at home where possible, wear a face covering when out in public or at work, wash your hands frequently and contact your personal physician if you become ill with fever, cough, or difficulty breathing.

Health Department Administrator Howard Gamble said three simple solutions to preventing the spread of the disease are wearing a mask while out in public, washing one’s hands regularly and by staying home when sick.

“It’s not a fashion statement and some people may not like it. But you don’t wear it for you, you wear it for someone else. Just wearing a mask makes such a difference for controlling this disease. It’s not 100% … but the mask will prevent, to an extent, the transmission of the virus,” Gamble said.


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