Moundsville Police Department Unveils Tactical Resource Vehicle

The Moundsville Police Department unveiled a 2019 Cougar mine resistance ambush protection vehicle Thursday.

MOUNDSVILLE — The Moundsville Police Department unveiled a “tactical resource vehicle” they obtained from the military at no cost as part of a federal government program on Thursday.

The vehicle is a 2019 Cougar mine resistance ambush protection vehicle, or MRAP, and was obtained under a federal program that makes surplus equipment available to states and cities, according, to Moundsville Police Chief Tom Mitchell. This particular piece of equipment was initially purchased by the federal government for the U.S. Marine Corps and is manufactured by Force Protection Inc., a division of General Dynamics.

“We could use it for various things,” Mitchell said. He said the department can use it as a “tactical resource vehicle” for various scenarios.

The vehicle’s rollout comes as there have been growing calls across the country to demilitarize police equipment and resources in the wake of protests and civil unrest in recent weeks.

While the vehicle had to be “demilitarized” before the city police department could make use of it, the MRAP could be used in a hostage situation as a tactical “rescue” vehicle or as an “incident command” vehicle, according to Mitchell. He said it is bulletproof and is capable of stopping a 50-caliber round of ammunition.

Mitchell said the protection vehicle was obtained by the police department at no cost and he advised city council about his department taking possession of it during Tuesday evening’s council meeting.


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