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President’s Son Addresses “Blue Collar” Americans at Bully Tools Rally

Photo by Andrew Grimm – Donald Trump Jr. speaks Thursday to a crowd gathered outside of Bully Tools in the Jefferson County Industrial Park.

STEUBENVILLE — Donald Trump Jr. spent the minutes before his father’s final debate showdown with Joe Biden hammering the Democratic nominee to a large crowd in Steubenville.

Trump Jr. spoke for a little more than 30 minutes to a crowd of approximately 500 people gathered outside of Bully Tools in the Jefferson County Industrial Park on Thursday night to support his father’s re-election bid.

During the remarks, he did not hold back on Biden’s record, the reported scandals surrounding his son, Hunter, and the mainstream media.

“Joe Biden is the most corrupted person to ever run for the presidency of the United States,” Trump Jr. said.

Trump Jr., who was introduced by Congressman Bill Johnson, also directly addressed the crowd of locals, many of whom were wearing work clothes, about what the election means to the “hard-working Americans.”

He hammered Biden’s record on trade deals that he said hurt manufacturing jobs.

“Joe Biden was a fan of every trade deal, every disaster, that sent your jobs, whether it’s manufacturing or otherwise, to China,” he said. “Donald Trump re-negotiated those failed trade deals.”

Trump Jr. pointed out that the “blue collar” demographic used to be a Democrat stronghold, but the party has been pushed so far to the left it’s “left behind” members of the audience.

“Democrats used to be for you, they used to represent the hard-working men and women of this country,” he remarked. “This Democrat party has left you, it’s not the Democrat party anymore. It’s the Democrat party in name only.

“This is not you grandparents’ Democrat party, it is not even your parents Democrat party. This party is the Bernie Sanders, socialist, Marxist party. They like Joe Biden because they can use him as the camouflage to bring in Kamala Harris and the radical agenda.

“I am the son of a billionaire from Manhattan, and I have had more blue-collar jobs than Joe Biden.”

He also told the audience the election is a battle of “hard workers versus big tech,” hammering what he said has been censorship of conservatives and of negative news about the Bidens by social media platforms

“Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram, and probably Google and all the others are trying to make sure that, two weeks before an election, no one in America sees this information,” Trump Jr. said, taking aim at big tech, also saying the Democrat party and the media “really are one in the same.”

“This election is Americans versus algorithms,” he said. “I always know that with the Democrats, your Second Amendment is always on the table, always at risk … your First Amendment is on the table in this election.”

Going back to hammering the Bidens, he said he would be doing the rally by phone from “Rikers Island” had he done what has been reported about Hunter Biden.

“Hunter’s partner came out and said Joe knew all about it,” Trump Jr. said. “I take it personally because these people spent three years trying to put me behind bars. They spent three years accusing me of doing all of the things that Hunter was actually doing.”

He also hammered the media’s coverage of the scandals.

“(The media) didn’t even try to verify the Russia hoax, (the media) just ran with it as if it were the gospel,” he said, talking about media outlets calling the reports about the younger Biden unverified. “They’ll do anything to protect Joe Biden and the Democrats.

“We’ve been dealing with this stuff for four years, but, what’s amazing is, Donald Trump still delivered for the American people.”

Hunter Biden’s business dealings, which have been a focus of the Trump campaign and have been making national headlines, were a clear area of focus throughout the remarks, tying the Bidens to Russia and China among other things.

“You think Joe is going to be tough on China? You think Joe is going to be tough on any of these people?” he asked the crowd.

He slammed his father’s challenger for having been in politics for 47 years prior to earning the Democrat nomination.

“Why did you wait 47 years to fix things, Joe?” he asked. “If you had someone working for your business or working on your home, and, after 47 years, it was still broken, would you give them a promotion? No, you would fire his (butt).”

He urged supporters to vote and be active in the election.

“We need real Americans to stand up, to fight for their freedoms, to fight for their liberties, to fight for our Constitution, to fight for our children and our grandchildren” he said. “If Joe Biden gets in there and brings in the radical left, you’re not going to recognize your country any more, folks.

“We cannot do it without you, you cannot sit this out. You cannot just hope that your friends go to vote. You need to do it, and once you do it, you need to bring your friends to the polls.

“We need you in this fight every step of the way. And, when you do that, we can make liberals cry again, and make American great again, again. Let’s make it happen, Ohio.”


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