Small Gesture by Swank Ensures Safety at Local School

Photo Provided – Pete Douglass, general superintendent with the Swank Corp., is shown after delivering new safety barriers he made for St. Vincent de Paul Grade School in Elm Grove.

WHEELING — Anyone that has watched construction workers from the Swank Corp. rebuild the area’s bridges know they have had a monster-size project on their plates as they rebuild Interstate 70 through Ohio County.

But a few of these industrious workers paused long enough recently to help out the students at St. Vincent de Paul School in Elm Grove with a safety issue. The school routinely places wooden sawhorses on Key Avenue to block through traffic when the children are coming and going to school and at recess time.

However, the school’s sawhorses were stolen over the winter months — much to the chagrin of Monsignor Paul Hudock, pastor at St. Vincent de Paul Church. Hudock approached parishioner Dale Naegele and asked if he could make four safety barriers for the grade school.

“I began to think about how I could come up with a design. I then came up with an idea and called the main office of the Swank Corp. in New Kensington, Pennsylvania.This is the company that is rebuilding the bridges and roads on I-70,” Naegele said. “I asked them if they would like to receive some good PR by constructing the barriers.”

Naegele said the main office folks at Swank contacted Pete Douglass, general superintendent for the I-70 project.

“Within a half-hour, Pete called me and was very enthusiastic. He agreed to start building them right away,” Naegele said. “He not only had them built, but he delivered them to the school.

“I hope this little gesture by Swank will let people know that, in spite of their hectic schedule, they took time to do a good deed.”


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