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Local Turnout Exceeds 2016 Presidential Election Results

WHEELING — Voter turnout in the Northern Panhandle and across West Virginia on Tuesday mostly exceeded totals from the 2016 presidential election.

The West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office released figures Wednesday showing the state had a 62.49 percent voter turnout for this week’s presidential election.

There were 793,088 ballots cast among 1,269,156 registered voters.

West Virginia’s voter turnout in 2016 was 57.4 percent, according to data provided by the office.

* Locally, Wetzel County had the highest voter turnout at 65.37 percent. The county has 10,221 registered voters, and there were 6,681 ballots cast.

Turnout was well above the 2016 figure, when 53.9 percent of voters in Wetzel County cast ballots.

“I really think there was so much interest in the presidential election — that is what drove numbers,” said County Clerk Carol Haught. “Plus, we had a contested county commission race.

“But I think the majority of it was because of the presidential race.”

She isn’t certain whether the interest will continue with upcoming elections.

“They (voters) have been so inundated with information and news, and more voters do have an opinion,” she said. “I hope it continues. We would love to have these figures every election cycle.”

* Marshall County had the second highest turnout rate in the Northern Panhandle for the 2020 election at 64.39 percent, but this was slightly below the county’s 2016 turnout number of 64.5 percent.

There were 13,791 ballots cast in the county that has 21,417 registered voters.

* Ohio County’s voter turnout was 64.22 percent for Tuesday’s election. Ballots cast totaled 19,905, and there are 30,994 registered voters in the county,

The 2016 voter turnout in Ohio County was 61.4 percent.

* Turnout for Tuesday’s election was 58.74 percent in Tyler County. There were 3,902 ballots submitted from among 6,643 registered voters.

The county had 56.7 percent of voters cast ballots in the 2016 presidential election.

* Hancock County saw 56.01 percent of voters cast ballots for Tuesday’s election. There were

13,652 ballots cast from 24,376 registered voters.

The turnout in Hancock County four years ago was 51.7 percent.

* Brooke County’s turnout for the 2020 presidential election was 55.83 percent. The county has 19,164 registered voters, and 10,699 ballots were cast.

Brooke County’s 2016 turnout number was 51.4 percent.


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