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Wheeling Park High School Graduate Deanna Crumm Has Bright Future in Business

West Virginia University student Deanna Crumm of Wheeling holds up the WVU 2021 Student Organization Excellence Award she received for designing the logo for WVU’s Women In Business club, and overseeing its social media marketing. She is also one of the co-founders of the club. (Photo Provided)

WHEELING — Current West Virginia University sophomore Deanna Crumm, a Wheeling Park High School graduate, has received an award from WVU for her efforts to socially market a campus organization she co-founded.

Crumm was just a freshman last year when she and fellow WPHS alumni Lillian Bischof and Sarah Heilman created a student organization called WELCOME — Women Empowering, Leading and Changing Through Opportunity, Mentorship and Equality.”

That club has been rebranded into an organization now called “Women In Business,” and Crumm’s award is for designing the WiB Logo and marketing the group through social media. She serves as WiB’s vice president of public relations.

She and club president Nina Han of Morgantown were honored at the WVU 2021 Student Organization Excellence Awards with an “The Outstanding Student Organization Online Presence Award.”

The WiB organization now has about 50 paying members in its second year, according to Crumm.

Two years ago WVU was among Big 12 conference schools that didn’t have a student organization dedicated to women in business. That now has changed as all Big 12 schools have such a group. Crumm said it all began at the start of her freshman year when she, Bischof and others were invited to attend a session to discuss what they thought was needed at the school.

“What was missing on campus — especially at the business college — was an organization representing women,” Crumm said. “We set out to create a community supportive of women in the business college and elsewhere on campus to assist them with their skills and prepare them for life after college.”

Prior to the pandemic in the spring of 2020, the group hosted a workshop with the American Association of University Women to discuss self-worth at work and salary negotiation.

“It was about understanding and knowing your value, and how to portray yourself during interview and salary negotiations,” Crumm explained.

She said the organization was successful its first year. But during the summer of 2020, members set out to reband the group and align its name and marketing efforts. Personal branding instruction also became a focus of the group..

This year the rebranded WiB hosted a branding seminar sponsored by Ecolab. Topics discussed included marketing yourself to employers, maintaining professional presence and striking a balance between one’s professional and personal life.

They were also told to be aware of what items they were sharing on social media, as “employers are looking at that,” according to Crumm.

There is also a social aspect to the club, she explained. This year WiB started a mentorship program in which senior and junior members are paired with freshman and sophomores to discuss their lives on campus, and what paths they might take after graduation.

Crumm, still a sophomore, isn’t certain yet where she will go — but she knows she wants to travel.

“After graduation, I would like to get involved in marketing,” she said. “I’m interested in traveling, and I would definitely like any position where I can travel and see the world.”

Crumm is the daughter of Ohio County Schools Director of Operations David Crumm, and Dana Crumm.


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