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Wheeling Park Wrestler Adam Carman Wins Case, Will Wrestle In State Tournament

Wheeling Park High School 106-pound wrestler Adam Carman won his case Friday morning in Wood County and will be able to wrestle at Monday’s Class AAA state championship tournament in Huntington.

Carman and his family filed an injunction this week after being told he would not be able to compete due to the situation surrounding his weigh-in at the Region 1 tournament. According to Carman’s father Mike, Carman’s mother tested positive for COVID-19 the Thursday after Easter after experiencing symptoms that Monday and getting tested that Tuesday. Carman was staying with his grandparents at that time and was not around his mother when she was symptomatic.

The family told Wheeling Park wrestling coach Brian Leggett that Carman would have to quarantine and miss the regional meet. Carman was the top seed in a five-wrestler bracket. Leggett and tournament officials agreed he could weigh in that day and, since the top seed got a first-round bye, could default his two matches and still make it to Huntington. Later, Mike Carman said, the WVSSAC asked the Carman family to sign a letter saying he wasn’t in quarantine or forfeit his spot in the state tournament. The Carmans refused to sign the letter and filed an injunction to get Adam into the state tournament.

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