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Mothers Deserve Best: Flowers, Jewelery Still Top The List For Mother’s Day Gifts

Photo by Scott McCloskey Howards Diamond Center employee Zach Kovalski displays a sterling silver pendant as a popular gift choice for Mother’s Day.

WHEELING — With Mother’s Day coming this Sunday, folks are flocking to stores looking for the perfect gift for mom. As local business owners attest, a flower arrangement or piece of jewelry can never go wrong.

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest holidays for both Laupp Florist in Wheeling and Howard’s Diamond Center at The Highlands. Customers drop by both in the days leading up to Mother’s Day looking for that special present.

Longtime Laupp Florist owners Ginny and Brian Gessler said long-lasting flower arrangements are always a customer favorite.

“A lot of (customers) like a nice bright fresh cut assortment, and we usually use a couple of roses or a lot of spray roses,” Brian Gessler said. “We carry about six or seven different containers that are nationally advertised. They’re selling real good right now,” he added.

Gessler — who, with Ginny Gessler, operates the 171-year-old florist that is the oldest currently in West Virginia — said the shop uses a lot of different long lasting flowers, including the always popular carnations and daisies.

“Mother’s Day is probably the second biggest holiday for the florist,” Gessler said. “Christmas is the biggest. We’ve been busy all week.”

Howards Diamond Center also traditionally seeds a significant increase in sales for Mother’s Day. Necklace pendants and gemstones are always popular choices for the holiday, according to employee Zach Kovalski. He said earrings tend to be another popular choice.

Kovalski said often customers will mix different colors of birthstones into a pendant to symbolize each of the mother’s children.

“That’s a pretty common choice,” Kovalski explained.

In addition, Howard’s will take custom orders as long as they have the order placed early enough. They also provide several specialty items specifically tailored for Mother’s Day, such as a pendant that reads, “I love you to the moon and back — Mom.” Kovalski said they also offer several “lower price point” sterling silver and cubic zirconia jewelry items for folks on a tighter budget.

“We have gold and diamonds and things like that, but a lot of times you’ll get a 16-year-old girl who’ll come in and want to buy something for her mom but she can’t get a diamond ring,” said Kovalski.


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