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Triadelphia Middle School Annex To Remain in Place

Photo by Joselyn King Ohio County Schools Director of Operations David Crumm addresses board of education members Monday regarding improvements at Triadelphia Middle School and Steenrod Elementary School.

WHEELING — The Triadelphia Middle School annex will remain standing and won’t be demolished once an addition is constructed to the main school building this summer, Ohio County Board of Education members learned Monday night.

Their next decision will be whether to spend $182,000 on a flood mitigation project at nearby Steenrod Elementary School, or see if a more cost-effective plan would alleviate flooding issues experienced at the school in recent years.

Assistant Superintendent Rick Jones said progress on the middle school’s addition “is moving along smoothly,” and it is expected to be completed in July before the start of school in August.

“We are going to keep the annex, and not take it down,” he told board members. “We are going to design and create some more parking.”

Original plans called for the Triadelphia Middle School annex to be torn down, and the area turned into needed parking there once students moved into the addition. Instead, an area to the left of Steenrod can be turned into parking with about 15 to 20 spots, according to Director of Operations David Crumm.

Crumm said after the meeting the school district will save about $200,000 by not demolishing the annex.

It will instead be used as a site for the school district’s alternative education classes, which are presently housed at Youth Services System and the Hazel Atlas Building in East Wheeling.

McKinley and Associates has been charged with creating a design for the parking area, and the design work will cost about $11,000, according to Jones.

Construction happening at Steenrod to build a cafeteria addition and other projects should be completed by June, he said. But a flood mitigation project is needed there to address water drainage issues that have been a problem for the school in recent years.

“We can’t guarantee it won’t stop flooding at Steenrod since it was built in a hole. However, the engineers believe there is a way to address the impact,” Jones said.

Crumm presented a plan that would address drainage issues in the front of the building, and involve the removal of 15-inch pipes and installing ones 24 inches in size. These would take the runoff under the building to the back.

Board members opted to wait until the next meeting before making a decision on the $182,000 expenditure so they could review the data, and maybe discuss with McKinley the potential for a less costly option.

“My fear is with the construction of an addition — a new cafeteria, I don’t know what will happen,” Jones told the board. “I don’t want to see it flooded.”

Board President David Croft agreed.

“We can’t put money into a facility then have it flood,” he said. “It’s a tough situation. This is $182,000 we didn’t expect to spend. But (the property) is flooding.”

The board will next meet at 6 p.m. on May 24 at the board office, 2203 National Road, Wheeling.


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