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Ohio County Circuit Court Unveils Updated Website

Photo by Joselyn King Ohio County Circuit Clerk Brenda Miller demonstrates what information can be found on her office’s new website.

WHEELING — Ohio County residents needing to know where to buy a bail bond, how much it costs to file a court case or how to obtain a passport for traveling can find that information on the Ohio County Circuit Clerk’s new website.

The details about the office and court operations can be found at circuitclerk.ohiocountywv.org.

Circuit Clerk Brenda Miller said she has spent weeks curating the information for the website, which was crafted by Scanmark LTD of McLean, Virginia. The business also is working with the County Clerk’s Office to digitize county records that must be retained.

“It has a ton of helpful information for both state and county courts,” Miller said of the circuit court website. “It will serve as an aid to local attorneys, as well as individuals who might want to proceed with a court case on their own.”

The website includes tabs that when clicked on can bring up the court calendar of upcoming trial dates, or the names and phone numbers of local bail bondsmen.

Another tab lists the fees and costs of filing cases in Ohio County Circuit Clerk. Costs range from $5 for a court security officer to $285 to file a malpractice case. The number of copies of court documents needed for each filing also is noted.

Information about jury duty and the jury selection process can be found on the website.

A “passports” link lists what is needed to obtain a passport through the office. Those who are not West Virginia residents must provide additional forms of identification. Two checks — one for the passport and one for the processing fee — must be written, according to the information.

Other tabs tell the public how they can go about obtaining legal aid, or provide access to legal forms when a person wants to represent themselves in court matters.

In West Virginia, a county circuit clerk’s office is responsible for recording and maintaining all records filed including, but not limited to, civil, criminal, divorce, custody, support cases, mental hygiene, guardianship, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency and neglect cases, as well as appeals from lower courts.

Ohio County Circuit Court is one of only three counties in the state that also hears mass litigation cases. The others are Kanawha County in Charleston and Raleigh County in Beckley.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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