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WVDOH: Wellsburg Bridge on Track To Open in October 2022

Photo by Derek Redd Work continues on the new Wellsburg bridge, with construction anticipated to be completed by October 2022. Crews are adding fill material to both the West Virginia and Ohio sides of the bridge.

WELLSBURG — Motorists heading alongside the Ohio River north of Wheeling will notice the Wellsburg bridge, which is expected to continue work through this time next year.

W.Va. Division of Highways District 6 Engineer Tony Clark said work is progressing smoothly on the span, which will connect Brilliant, around Third Street, and W.Va. 2, just south of Wellsburg. Flatiron Corp. is contracted to do the bulk of the work on the bridge.

“We’re still on track for an opening roughly a year from now. It’ll be in late October, unless there’s any other hiccups between now and then,” Clark said.

As the winds of autumn blow in, Clark said that contractors are currently in the process of placing fill material on both sides of the bridge. That work could either conclude this year, if the weather cooperates, or next, if not.

“On the Ohio side, they’re working on placing fill material between Third Street and Ohio 7, there’ll be a bridge that goes from where the current bridge stops. … There’ll be a bridge that bridges over Ohio 7 that ties into the end of Third Street. They’re placing fill material there, just off Ohio 7, to get ready and do the foundation and do that work.

“They just wrapped up the concrete decks on the Ohio approach spans, and they’re doing the same thing on the West Virginia approach spans…,” he added.

Clark said crews are working to add significant amounts of fill material to the West Virginia side, where they’re planning to expand the highway to three lanes, adding a turn lane to cross the bridge.

“We’re still working on backfilling the retaining wall, along W.Va. 2. There’s a lot of fill material that goes in there, to bring it up to the grade we need it, because there’s going to be three lanes along W.Va. 2,” he said. “We’re kind of pushing the one lane out toward the river, and that opens a turn lane and merge lane off the bridge. … There’s a lot of work involved in that.”

Clark said that he was satisfied with the pace that Flatiron and their subcontractors had been working at, and that he was looking forward to the completion of the span this time next year.

“Things have been going fantastic. They’ve been making good progress, and there’s nothing that makes me doubt, at this moment, late October of next year. But that could change, there’s a lot going on.”


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