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Danfield Drive Will Be Annexed by City of Wheeling

Photo by Joselyn King Wheeling City Manager Robert Herron, left, and Mayor Glenn Elliott await the start of the Jan. 5 council meeting.

WHEELING — It is now up to the Marshall County Commission whether homes on Danfield Drive outside Elm Grove become part of Wheeling and Ohio County.

Wheeling City Council members Tuesday unanimously approved a petition permitting the annexation without election of Danfield Drive into the city. Mayor Glenn Elliott and Vice Mayor Chad Thalman voted in favor, as did council members Ben Seidler, Rosemary Ketchum, Ty Thorngate and David Palmer.

Palmer would represent Danfield Drive residents if the area is annexed into the 6th Ward. Councilman Jerry Sklavanoukis did not attend the council meeting on Tuesday.

City Manager Robert Herron said the matter next goes before Marshall County commissioners, who must give their approval before the annexation can occur.

The petition was on council’s last meeting in December, but was tabled after Thalman requested more information about the annexation.

He has questioned if annexing Danfield Drive would bring sufficient tax revenue into the city or would it cost more to service the neighborhood’s road and provide fire and police service than the revenue collected.

In addition, Danfield Drive is in need of paving work, and Thalman expressed concern that paving Danfield Drive might take precedence in the city over paving the roads of longer-term taxpayers.

Thalman said after his vote Tuesday the information he received satisfied his financial questions about whether additional tax revenue generated would provide enough money to service the 11 homes on Danfield Drive. But he still had one reservation.

“I still don’t think it is fair that this street is paved before streets that have been in the city where taxpayers have been paying taxes for decades,” Thalman said. “I think that is unfair. But I do think I was provided with the necessary financial information to make an educated decision.”

Danfield Drive is the last remaining street in an area outside Elm Grove that was not incorporated into the city of Wheeling through annexation. Homes and streets in the Mar-Win neighborhood across Wheeling Creek to the south were successfully annexed into the city several years ago, and a total of 16 residential properties on Glen Hollin Drive — the access street to Danfield Drive — were annexed by Wheeling in 2014..

A petition for annexation was submitted to the city in September by residents of Danfield Drive, who said they weren’t receiving the services they needed from Marshall County.

In other matters before council, members did not address a resolution asking the city planning commission to review proposed amendments to zoning ordinances that would allow property owners in single-family residential neighborhoods to rent out garage apartments and similar accessory structures.

The resolution, instead, is being directed to the City Planning Commission for review.

Seidler said he saw the resolution as one that would ruin single-family residential neighborhoods in the city.

“I think this is horrible,” he told council. “I don’t think adding accessory structures to our backyards is a good idea by any means.”

Council authorized Herron to pay $630,171 to James White Construction of Weirton for Phase IIII-B of wastewater collection and treatment systems improvements at Forest Hills. The bill will be charged to Wheeling’s Water Pollution Control Division.

The city also will pay another $416,183.00 to the Cast and Baker Corporation of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania for wastewater collection and treatment systems improvements.

Council authorized the following parking and traffic changes in Wheeling.

Effective immediately there will be no parking on 17th St. from Wood St. to Lane G. There also will be one way traffic on Lane 15 from Lane G to Wood St. heading West, and one way traffic on Lane G from 17th to lane 15 heading South.

“The traffic changes being made are to help facilitate a smooth flow of traffic around the new first department headquarters,” explained Fire Chief Jim Blazier. “These changes should not impact anyone living in the area, and are needed for vehicle and pedestrian safety,” he said.


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