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Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia Sells St. Paul Terrace to National Church Residences

The Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia recently sold its St. Paul Terrace senior housing apartments, shown here at 2546 National Road, Wheeling, to National Church Residences. (Photo Provided)

WHEELING – St. Paul Terrace apartments in Wheeling is expected to receive $900,000 in improvements by its new owner – National Church Residences.

National Church Residences purchased the complex, located at 2546 National Road, from its former owner, the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia, in April. It has 64 one-bedroom units for adults 62 years old and older.

“Built in 1983 as a HUD 202 development, St. Paul Terrace is subsidized and provides rental assistance for low-income seniors,” said Todd Hutchins, spokesman for National Church Residences, which is based in Columbus, Ohio.

“Following the acquisition, National Church Residences is launching approximately $900,000 in improvements throughout St. Paul Terrace to preserve this community for the long term.”

National Church Residences also owns Bridgeport Manor in Bridgeport.

The planned improvements include resurfacing the parking lot, installing new windows, updates to the elevator and improvements to units that are ADA-compliant.

The complex already has an exercise room, community room, laundry facilities and has a public bus stop located in front of it.

“We’re excited to bring St. Paul Terrace residents into the National Church Residences family,” said Director of Senior Housing Acquisitions Daniel Patrick. “Located less than 15 minutes from our Bridgeport Manor community in Bridgeport, Ohio, the acquisition continues our commitment to preserving affordable senior housing in the West Virginia Northern Panhandle and in East Central Ohio.”

National Church Residences began talking with the diocese about the acquisition three years ago.

“When we opened the door and began conversations with National Church Residences, it was apparent that they had a heart for this kind of ministry, they had a track record and they had a passion for caring for those in need,” said the Right Rev. W. Michie Klusmeyer, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia.

“We are proud that St. Paul Terrace can be recognized as a historically Episcopal entity and that the residents, who are among the most vulnerable populations, will get the care, attention and respect that everyone deserves.”

National Church Residences has more than 800 senior housing units in 13 communities across West Virginia.

“National Church Residences serves more than 42,000 seniors through its array of housing and health care services. The not-for-profit organization is driven by a vision of advancing better living for all seniors, enabling them to remain home for life,” according to company information.

“With 340 communities in 25 states, it is the nation’s largest not-for-profit provider of affordable senior housing and the largest manager of service coordinators.

“The organization also offers residential senior communities, home and community-based services, as well as permanent supportive housing for the formerly homeless and disabled.”


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