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Center Wheeling Garage Repair Plans Remain in Park

photo by: Photo by Shelley Hanson

The city of Wheeling is awaiting some final numbers regarding fixing the upper floor of the Center Wheeling Parking Garage after cracks formed last April. The garage remains closed.

WHEELING – The Center Wheeling Parking Garage remains closed following damage that occurred in April.

City Manager Robert Herron said this week the city still is gathering more information regarding possible options to repair the facility.

He noted as soon as the final information comes in, he can make a recommendation to City Council.

“We don’t have all the numbers yet,” he said Tuesday.

For now, he noted, the parking garage will remain closed.

Herron said previously the top floor of the garage cracked, forcing the closure to traffic. The city believes the cracks came about after a delivery for the police headquarters project.

The Wheeling Fire Depatment uses the lower level of the parking garage. A new Wheeling Fire Department Headquarters is going to be constructed in East Wheeling.

Adjacent to the Center Wheeling Parking Garage, renovations to the former Valley Professional Building are happening where the Wheeling Police Department will be housed.

A complete engineering review of the Center Wheeling Parking Garage was completed in 2020.

The city has been working to put money in place to renovate the parking structure. Last November, City Council held public hearings and passed legislation pertaining to bond ordinances for both the new parking structure being built at 11th and Market streets downtown and for the Center Wheeling Parking Garage. The bond ordinance for the Center Wheeling Parking Garage project was in an amount not to exceed $3 million.

The tax increment financing or TIF district around the former Ohio Valley Medical Center property had previously generated money for future improvements at the Center Wheeling Parking Garage. However, the hospital has since closed, and since the property has been acquired by the city, the TIF district was no longer able to capture tax revenue as it did in the past.

However, council has since approved resolutions to merge the Downtown TIF District – which generates significant tax revenue for reinvestment – with the Center Wheeling TIF District.

Staff Writer Eric Ayres contributed to this report.


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