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Good Shepherd Nursing Home Earns National Accreditation for Excellence

Good Shepherd Nursing Home in Wheeling has earned Basic Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Accreditation in 2016.

Administrator Donald R. Kirsch said this accreditation is evaluated and presented by independent accreditors.

Providigm, LLC, verified that Good Shepherd is continually assessing the quality of the care provided to its residents against federal regulations and standards.

“Good Shepherd Nursing Home is an excellent example of a nursing center taking initiative to proactively monitor quality concerns,” said Dr. Andrew Kramer, CEO at Providigm. “Its commendable use of the abaqis Quality Management System ensures that it is constantly monitoring important quality of care and life issues for their residents.”

Kirsch said Good Shepherd’s staff deserves the credit for this accreditation. “We are extremely proud of the work our care team has accomplished to achieve this,” he said. “We take quality seriously. We strive to give our residents the quality of life and level of dignity they deserve.”

Good Shepherd has earned a perfect five-star rating from the federal Office of Medicare and Medicaid Services. It has been named one of America’s Best Nursing Homes by U.S. News & Report every year since the magazine began issuing its ratings.

Good Shepherd Nursing Home is part of a continuum of senior living options offered by the nonprofit Welty Corp. to deliver the features that discerning seniors need and want. In addition to Good Shepherd, the Welty Corp. operates the Welty Home, which consists of 52 assisted living suites for seniors who need some help in managing daily living tasks.

Welty Corp. also maintains 121 maintenance-free apartments for seniors in the Clara Welty Apartments at 1276 National Road, Bertha Welty Apartments at 1315 National Road, Welty TownHomes at 1287 National Road and Braddock Apartments at 153 Edgington Lane. These properties are designed for people who want to live independently but appreciate the added measures of comfort and security of apartment living.


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