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Hanover Fuel Stop Fills Gas Tanks, Hungry Customers


Staff Writer

MARTINS FERRY — The Hanover Fuel Stop, located just off Ohio 7 in Martins Ferry, not only refuels cars and trucks every day, it refuels the empty stomachs of the many workers and local residents who frequent the business.

The fuel stop, located at the intersection of Hanover and First streets, is famous for its tasty submarine sandwiches, known as “Hoggies” because of their large size.

The station serves up a variety of breakfast sandwiches that are served all day, wraps, salads and sides to go as well.

The Fuel Stop also is a one-stop shop for pop, snacks, pepperoni rolls, beer, wines such as Breitenbach, tobacco products and more.

The Fuel Stop is a Marathon gas station.

Owner John Ayers, a 1992 graduate of Martins Ferry High School, said the fuel station part of the business began in the mid-1990s.

“We started selling food inside about 2002-03 with all the gas and oil people coming in,” Ayers said.

Ayers said he plans to start a food delivery service from the shop starting sometime in March. The initial delivery areas will be Martins Ferry, Bridgeport, Yorkville and Tiltonsville.

“I think it will pick up a lot. … No one has time to come and get it. No one wants to cross the (train) tracks,” he quipped.

Ayers said he likely will hire three to four new workers to make deliveries during different shifts. The shop currently has 13 workers.

“Hoggie” sandwiches include baked chicken, chicken patty, chicken parmesan, chicken salad, ham and cheese, Italian, Philly steak, pizza, roast beef, steak, tuna salad, turkey and vegetable. And cheese can be Swiss, American, hot pepper and provolone.

Available toppings for the hoagies include lettuce, tomato, green peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, black olives, green olives and pickles.

Sauces available for the toasted sandwiches include ketchup, honey mustard, mayonaisse, Miracle Whip, Sriracha, barbecue, Red Hot, sassy ranch, ranch dressing and Italian dressing. Customers can also add more bacon, meats, cheese and hardboiled eggs for an additional cost.

Salads types include: garden, chicken strip, chef, turkey, baked chicken and steak. Small salads includes one hardboiled egg, while a large salad comes with two hardboiled eggs.

Hot wraps include steak, philly steak baked chicken breast and chicken strip. Cold wraps include chicken salad, tuna salad and one’s choice combos of meats and cheeses such as ham, turkey, salami, roast beef, pepperoni, bologna, hot pepper, American, Swiss and provolone.

The shop also makes special order meat and cheese trays.

Sides include french fries, gravy, fried mozzarella sticks, fried pickle spears, jalapeno poppers, pepperoni and cheese bites, broccoli cheese bites, fried mushrooms, fried cauliflower, fried vegetables, fried hot pepper rings, hot pepper cheese balls and cheddar cheese balls.

Chicken strips and shrimp pieces also are available.

For more information or to order ahead, call 740-633-3180. Online orders can also be made at www.hfstop.com.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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