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Bellaire Big Reds Head coach: Ann Arno

Two seasons ago, the Big Reds finished third in the OVAC Cheering Championships and last year, they earned runner-up honors in the 3-A division.

Perhaps Bellaire will continue to improve its positioning at the end and rise to the No. 1 spot on Feb. 4.

The Big Reds are led into competition by second-year head coach Ann Arno, who has also been the assistant coach for the Bellaire cross country and track teams for the last six years.

Arno’s 12-girl squad is made up of five seniors and seven juniors. The seniors include Makenna Berka, Ashlie Conner, Megan McCarthy, Sailor Myers and Rylie Purtiman, while the juniors consist of Alexis Bell, Hannah D’Aquila, Emily Doty, Alexandria Street, Lexi Thomas, Dawnell Ticarich and Lilliana Yocum.

“This team is a very close-knit group who supports and fosters each other’s growth without hesitation,” Arno said. “They are such a very coachable group of athletes who work hard and put in the necessary time to reach their potential and I am very proud of their ability to work together from the weight room to the gym floor to achieve their goals.”

Choreographer Joey Takacs has put together a routine for the Big Reds that they hope will get the crowd excited and earn them an OVAC title.

“Joey has given us a fun, energetic routine that allows the girls to showcase their individual talents,” Arno said. “I am very excited to see what they can do with this routine.”


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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