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Martins Ferry Purple Riders Head coach: Breanna Beck

Their are two first-year coaches at the helm in Martins Ferry.

Head coach Breanna Beck, along with assistant coach Lisa Kapiskosky. might be coaching in their first 3-A OVAC Championship, but they are ready to take on the challenge with a motivated squad.

“We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a great group of girls to work with in this first year,” Beck said.

“The girls have been working really hard this year and they are determined to take the No. 1 spot. The determination and the will to win is what will make the girls stand out this year.”

The Purple Riders’ choreographers are Shannon Dombroski and Ayla Stewart.

“Shannon and Ayla have designed a fast-pace routine that highlights the cheerleaders’ skills and talent,” Beck said.

“The girls are all individually talented and hard working and with the combination of the two, we can maximize our team’s potential.”

Competing this year for the Purple Riders’ 14-girl squad are seniors Megan Edwards, Kaitlen Hood, Samaira Jones, Zoe Marling and Carly McKeegan; juniors Sami Eimer and Rebecca Gasaway; sophomores Bailey Barries, Alyssa Brady and Erica Doyle; and freshmen Kayana Jones, Kara Kapiskosky, Ravyn Richardson and Jessica Roberts.

As the Purple Riders take center stage at WesBanco Arena on Feb. 4, all of the hard work they have put in will be showcased, especially the work of the five seniors, and Beck couldn’t be happier with how the team has prepared for this moment in their careers.

“I am very proud of how hard this team has been working,” Beck said.

“I greatly appreciate all of their            efforts.”


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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