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Businesses Trying to Streamline Car Shopping


Staff Writer

TRIADELPHIA — When shopping for a new car, a customer has many important decisions to make. After all, a car is a machine most will use every day, so buyers need to be able to rely on it to transport them from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

Some people might need a model that has extra storage space for sports equipment or other gear, while some just need a nice, fuel-efficient car to get to work. Still others might need something capable of going off-road at some point. All of these factors may seem overwhelming at first, but luckily, experienced local sales staffs are willing to work with the customers to help them get the car they need.

Robinson Auto Group, located at The Highlands in Ohio County, offers a large variety of vehicles to buyers, including models from Toyota, Ford, Buick, Cadillac and more. Jim Grady, a sales manager at Jim Robinson, said that working on the floor, an employee can speak with upward of 100 people per day and they work with each one of them to help ensure they get the kind of car they might need. He said that when someone comes into the building looking for a new car, sales staff members will start working to narrow down what the customer might be looking for; they ask questions about cargo space, what particular needs the car is required to fulfill and other things in that vein. Once they get an idea of what the customer is looking for, they can start to show them particular makes and models of cars, helping to further narrow down the potential choices. Once the customer finds a car they are interested in, they can take the vehicle for a test drive and make sure it handles well before working with the salesperson on how they will be paying for and financing the vehicle.

“Once you agree to numbers, we pretty much go in to finance and the car gets cleaned and detailed for delivery,” Grady said. “Once we see tail lights, we go down the road and make sure we keep them as happy and satisfied as we can.”

Grady said that one of the reasons he enjoys his job as a salesman is that he really likes helping people find the car they need.

He said that he and his fellow employees try to be very “low pressure” when interacting with the public, not trying to get people to commit to a sale right away but giving them enough information to help them decide what it is they are looking to purchase.

“We want to help you make a well-informed buying decision,” Grady said.

He added that the Robinson website — jimrobinsonford.com — has an online customer service feature, which means buyers can always find assistance, even on their phones and other smart devices.

This helps add to the convenience that Robinson tries to pass on to its customers; patrons can learn more and start forming an informed opinion before even setting foot in the physical store. No matter what type of car you may be looking for, the employees at Jim Robinson are always willing to help you find what you’re looking for in a vehicle.

“Sometimes people’s free time is limited, so we do what we can to make the process painless for them,” Grady said.


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