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Griffin Has Only Herself to Blame

“Comedian” Kathy Griffin is feeling persecuted. Too bad. She has no one but herself to blame.

Too many entertainers seem to have forgotten that people pay well to see, watch and listen to performances they consider, well, entertaining. In Griffin’s case, some people thought for years she was funny. She made lots of money because of that.

What she did earlier this year — posting a video of herself holding a fake severed head that strongly resembled the president of the United States — wasn’t funny at all. Griffin should reflect that in many countries, her stunt would have left her sitting in a prison cell.

Now, she is on a world tour. Apparently people in some places remain willing to pay to see her.

Apparently not in the United States, however. This week, she complained that she does not have “one single day of paid work” scheduled when she returns to this country.

“This wall of c–p has never fallen on any woman in the history of America like it has on me,” Griffin whines. One suspects there are few Americans who cannot think of any number of women they know who have undergone worse trials and travails.

Griffin made an apology, then retracted it. No wonder so many Americans see nothing funny in her.

Perhaps she should try a new career, as an actress in character — as a spoiled brat.


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