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Ultra-Leftists Gain Control of Party

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, established his credentials as a liberal Democrat on most issues long ago. So, his failure to gain traction in an abortive bid for the presidency ought to be viewed by his fellow Ohioans as a disappointment — and by Democrats all over the nation as an alarm bell.

Brown’s appeal in the Buckeye State has been as a traditional Democrat. That means he has been liberal on many issues, but has gained re-election because of his reputation as a fighter for working men and women. In exploring a campaign for president, Brown used “dignity of work” as his slogan.

He had every reason to believe that would make him appealing to voters in his party.

He was wrong.

By all appearances, the Democratic Party has been shanghaied by far-left demagogues. They promise a “Green New Deal” Brown refused to accept. They pledge “Medicare for all” the senator understands is not realistic. They espouse a dozen other liberal positions that have gained traction among many party leaders.

Because of that, it appears Brown will never have the opportunity of taking his more reasonable, though still liberal, case to voters.

That ought to upset Democrats everywhere.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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