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The Intelligencer Informs, Leads

Two things never seem to change, even as the world around us grows ever more complex and challenging in some ways, while more promising in others.

One is the need human beings have for information to guide us in making the most beneficial decisions. Among the things that differentiates us from other species is our deep, abiding curiosity.

Another need is that for leadership. It is only human for us to tend to want to follow the pack. Often, it is important for someone to point out that different routes may be taken to arrive at worthwhile goals.

Today, we at The Intelligencer celebrate our 167th birthday. Your newspaper came into being on Aug. 24, 1852.

Back then, the issues and the people deciding how to deal with them were different. Momentous concerns regarding slavery and the permanence of our Union were in the headlines. Then, as the Civil War erupted, the statehood movement began.

On all three issues, The Intelligencer provided critical information to our readers — along with leadership that played a key role in founding the state of West Virginia.

But local matters — things affecting the everyday lives of our readers — were and are priorities at The Intelligencer.

We utilize the most skilled, largest news-gathering team in our area to keep you informed. Sometimes, that makes us unpopular with special interests and “the establishment” ­– but so be it. We serve you, not them.

We exercise leadership by pointing out, sometimes, the need to pay higher taxes for important services such as good schools. Just as often, we question proposals by public officials that may not be in the best interests of our states, our communities — and our neighbors.

Therein lies the key to why we do what we do. We at The Intelligencer live and work here, too. We, too, want the best for our children and grandchildren. We, too, want the most opportunities and the best quality of life that can be achieved.

Much has changed since The Intelligencer was established. The mixture of ways in which we deliver news, entertainment and opinions is vastly different. We embrace new technology — but as a way of continuing to provide the very same services of informing and leading that we have for one and two-thirds centuries.

That steadfast philosophy of service to you, our neighbors, is at the heart of what we celebrate today. We invite you to join us, then, in wishing ourselves a happy birthday.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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