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News-Register’s Policy Is Service

Today, we at the News-Register observe a birthday — our 129th. There will be no party with cake, games and presents, however. Instead, we will celebrate the occasion by working as we always do, each and every day of the year, to report news that matters to you and to provide leadership through commentary on current events.

Our first edition hit the streets on Sept. 22, 1890, under the guiding hand of our founder, H.C. Ogden.From the very beginning, he practiced a philosophy of journalism that some seem to believe is going out of style in the 21st century.

Some news outlets, in both traditional media and online platforms, practice what has been called “advocacy journalism.” That is, they guide their coverage in a manner calculated to advance certain policies and assist specific politicians.

But that is not genuine journalism, as Ogden understood. It is not what the people want and need.

For more than one and one-quarter centuries, we at the News-Register have simply reported the news as accurately and fairly as is within our power. No one else has a larger, stronger team of journalists covering our region. Their mission is clear: to give you the local news you want and need in a way upon which you can rely.

Our editorial page philosophy is equally simple. It is to provide leadership to make the lives of our neighbors in the Ohio Valley community better. We owe no allegiance to any special interest or powerful person. They do not matter. You do.

For 129 years, doing the right thing for the people of our area, our states and the nation as a whole has been our guiding light. It will continue to be so, regardless of what fleeting trends may influence others in the media.

That, we think, is worth noting as we celebrate both a heritage of service and a dedication to doing so for many years in the future.


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