West Virginians Ready to Assist

As residents of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and even North Carolina flee from the path of Hurricane Dorian, Gov. Jim Justice has offered them shelter here in the Mountain State through discounted rates at our state parks, room for their animals (pet fees waived at the parks and a reminder that our state fair grounds barns will hold 100 horses), and is sending help. He approved plans to send personnel and equipment from the National Guard to South Carolina.

It must have been an easy decision to make.

“We, as West Virginians, are all too familiar with the devastating effects major storms can have on communities,” he said.

That is true. But even if we were not, Mountain State residents know how to take care of our neighbors. It doesn’t much matter to us what state they are from when we know they are suffering. (And, by the way, if you are not a pet owner, you may not understand the enormous relief of being told you and your animals are welcome here.

“West Virginia stands ready to welcome anyone who may be in need of shelter as a result of Hurricane Dorian,” Justice said.

Yes. We do. And volunteers such as those working with the American Red Cross West Virginia Region are ready to help as much as they can with the recovery effort, once the storm has passed.

As the governor noted, when our neighbors need help, “it’s the least we can do …”


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