Decisive Steps Vital in W.Va.

Gov. Jim Justice took dramatic action last night to help West Virginians battle COVID-19. He ordered that restaurants, bars and casinos be closed, except for take-out orders.

Justice also revealed our state has a confirmed case of the coronavirus, in the Eastern Panhandle.

Nothing like the current crisis — and it is that — has been experienced by most West Virginians. With just one COVID-19 patient in our state, was the governor’s announcement necessary?

Absolutely. As the disease has made its way through our nation, it has become clear that the leaders who have done the best to protect their constituents are those who acted decisively and quickly.

Justice’s action may well save lives. His advice — observe good hygiene and maintain adequate distance from others — may, too. Justice is right to take it seriously. West Virginians — all of us — should, too.


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