Giving Those Who Served Us Credit

Throughout the valley, a number of good men and women will be stepping down from local government offices, ranging from municipal councils to boards of education next week. Their successors take office on Wednesday.

A few lost re-election bids, but most did not choose to ask voters for new terms. A significant number stepped down after many years in service to the public.

No doubt we have disagreed with some of them on occasion. That does not lesson our gratitude for their willingness to serve in difficult, often thankless positions of trust.

To those who have never held office, the prestige of a title may seem like a wonderful thing. Those who have served know better. Some may reflect that if they had a dollar for every complaint they had to deal with, they’d be shopping for that new Cadillac they’ve always wanted. Ditto for every tough decision they have had to make.

On behalf of the public, then, we thank each and every one of them.


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