Providing Police Adequate Funding

Don’t blame widespread protests about law enforcement for a bit of “defunding” that is affecting the Bridgeport Police Department. Instead, place the blame where it belongs, on severe fiscal challenges with which village officials are coping.

They have placed municipal police officers in the uncomfortable position of going to the public, hat in hand.

New computers are needed for the village’s four cruisers, police Lt. Darby Copeland explained. The price tag, about $4,000, is more than Bridgeport’s budget can stand, he added.

For that reason, the department is seeking donations to buy the computers, which are essential in law enforcement work.

Anyone interested in helping can call Copeland at 740-635-9999 or simply send a donation to the Bridgeport Fraternal Order of Police, 301 Main St., Bridgeport, OH 43912.

Because local residents and businesses support law enforcement, collecting the $4,000 should not be difficult or time-consuming. Making it happen could help Bridgeport police avoid other cutbacks that could affect the quality of protection they provide in the village.


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