Deputies, Officer Deserve Praise

It is not inappropriate that when law enforcement personnel do something wrong, the problem is publicized. They deserve the same notice when their efforts produce happy endings, however.

On Sunday, a man living just outside Bellaire barricaded himself inside his home — with his 11-month-old daughter, according to the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department. A Bellaire police officer responded to the call about a domestic disturbance at the home, then summoned deputies.

It took a few hours, but law enforcement personnel at the scene were able to persuade the man to release the baby, then surrender, Sheriff Dave Lucas reported. The child was unharmed.

Good for both the Bellaire officer and sheriff’s deputies. Having witnessed a few standoffs between people and law enforcement personnel, we are aware that there are many ways such situations can end badly.

In this one — as in many other similar situations in the past — local authorities under a great deal of stress did everything right. They deserve high praise for the skill and courage they displayed on Sunday.


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