Friday Is Deadline for Moundsville Council Candidates

Friday is the deadline for residents Moundsville to submit their applications for city council.

Applications must be brought to the city clerk’s office by 4:30 p.m. Friday.

There are four seats to be filled — first and third wards, and two at-large.

As of Thursday afternoon five applications had been turned in.

Those filing to date include incumbent Judy Hunt for first ward, incumbent Gene Saunders for third ward, Brianne Hickman, who was appointed to fill an at-large seat; incumbent Phil Remke, and Randy Chamberlain, a former councilman. A few others have picked up applications but have yet to return them.

The city election will be held on Nov. 3, in conjunction with the primary election.


Moundsville resident Suzanne Park sent a reminder this week for the locals to cast their ballots for the former West Virginia Penitentiary.

Voting is in a contest for the Best Haunted Destination in the United States, sponsored by USA Today.

A vote can be made each day through noon on Aug. 24.

Currently the WVP is in 13th place out of 20 entries. Last year the WVP finished sixth.

The voting is taking place on www.10best.com. Once reaching the page, scroll down to Best Haunted Destination.

It is pointed out the 20 locations in contention each have a building which in years past had their own ghost stories and paranormal occurrences.

Locally we know the history of what was known to many as the “Big House.”

While the WVP was a penitentiary, some of the other buildings served as museums, educational buildings, an auditorium, industrial facilities, etc.

Actually, the Mountain State has two entries, the other being the former mental health facility at Weston. Entries also come from Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, California, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio and California.


While on the subject of former West Virginia Penitentiary, there are 90-minute daily tours from 10 a.m., until 2 p.m., and an “Escape the Pen” event in which the participants ranging in numbers from four to eight are locked in a themed room, and using the themes they attempt to find keys which will hopefully lead to the key which unlocks the door to “freedom.”

Other major attractions available at the prison include ghost adventures, while upcoming will be the annual Dungeon of Horrors.

To contact the prison’s office with questions, send an email to info@wvpenitentiary. com. The telephone number of the office is 304-845-6200.


The Uptown Moundsville Merchants Committee will hold a Sidewalk Sale from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. this Saturday.

The event will take place along Jefferson Avenue, and other areas adjacent between 2nd and 5th Streets.


The Cockayne Farmstead officials are looking for volunteers for a fun project.

The Farmstead officials have a collection of more than 15,000 documents and pieces of memorabilia.

Among those documents are some 100 letters which Sam Cockayne wrote while in the Army during World War II.

The Cockayne staff is asking for members of the community to read these items, especially this year which marks the 75th anniversary of end of the war.

Kara Gordon of the Cockayne staff has organized a project to transcribe the letters into a digital format so they can be posted on the Farmstead’s website for everyone in the community to be able to read.

Those wishing to take part with this undertaking are asked to respond by this weekend.

Scans of the original letters will be emailed to persons signed up, along with the guidelines for transcribing them.

Aug. 23 is the date for the letters to be read.


“Zoo-to-You With Oglebay Good Zoo” will be the theme of Thursday’s Hungry for History Summer Speaker Series at the Cockayne Farmstead in Glen Dale.

Those in attendance will have the opportunity to “get up close and personal with birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and small mammals” during this interactive program, which will take place in the front lawn of the Farmstead.

Attendees may bring food to eat during the one-hour event.


Officials of the Cameron Blue & Gold Christian Center monthly newsletter in the August publication expressed thanks for all the help received this summer, noting that the residents of Cameron have continued to support and care about others.

“Your contributions have helped more than you know,” the newsletters states.

Thank-yous were also expressed to Jessica Burge at the Lunch Box on Fork Ridge for the meals she has provided for the Center to give out, also to Full Belly Deli for pizza and ice cream that the volunteers have delivered.

In addition, thanks was passed on to Russell Dotson for his birthday Facebook Fundraiser for the center.

Also, a thank-you to the people who made contributions in memory of Gary Dobbs, and to all those who have sent financial donations, and those donating to the Thrift Store.

It is concluded, “You have blessed the Blue & Gold Christian Center above anything we ever expected.”

Another note in the newsletter, states that the BGCC now has a roof over the porch, which completes the outside of the facility. Next will be shutters over the front porch, the doors painted blue and refurbishing of the front landscape.


Came across a clipping a few days ago that was published 76 years ago.

It was about a surprise birthday party for a 15-year-old who happened to be my older brother, Howard Cochran.

The article said he was taken for a ride and the ride ended up at the C.E. Knapp house of Fork Ridge.

Among those taking part were family members and Sunday School class members Buddy Jones, David Pickett, Billy Ruckman, Danny Dunmire, and Norman Greenan.

As it turned out that was his last surprise birthday party until this week when his neighbors held such an event at his current residence in Okeechobee, Florida.


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