New Fireworks Limits Necessary

Last month, Wheeling City Council members were asked to consider new restrictions on use of fireworks. On Monday, Follansbee City Council heard a similar request.

It all started when city resident Dan Kelly told council that as he was sitting on his porch, a fireworks fragment, about an inch and a half wide, landed in his lap. Fortunately, he was not harmed.

Concern about fragments from aerial fireworks is understandable. In addition to the danger of someone being injured by them, there is the very real potential that they could ignite fires.

As Police Chief Larry Rea pointed out, it can be difficult to enforce restrictions on pyrotechnics.

Still, putting more teeth in the city’s ordinances on the subject is something council should consider, if only to give police the ability to crack down on the most serious violations. Think about this: What if the fragment that landed in Kelly’s lap had exploded?


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