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Pitching In to Help Students at WLU

College life is not what it used to be for many higher education students. They enjoy housing amenities of which parents and grandparents could never even have dreamed.

This fall, 35 West Liberty University students will be living at a resort — really.

As we report, WLU officials found themselves short of enough single-bedroom housing units to meet the demand from students worried about COVID-19. What to do?

Why, call Oglebay Resort, of course.

Oglebay is providing discounted room rates to the university, which is housing 35 students at the resort temporarily.

“They just said, ‘how can we help?'” WLU President Stephen Greiner commented of Oglebay officials.

Good for them — but we can’t say Oglebay’s willingness to help comes as a surprise. WLU and many in our Ohio Valley communities have viewed themselves as partners for many years. That good-neighbor attitude has been a boon to all involved. It certainly has been one for 35 university students.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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