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Renew Tax Levy For Bus Service

Among the good things about living in the Ohio Valley is that local taxpayers tend to support worthwhile local government services, even if they may not use them directly. So it has been for many years with public bus service.

It is provided by an entity operating in West Virginia as the Ohio Valley Regional Transit Authority and in Belmont County by the Eastern Ohio Regional Transit Authority.

Nov. 3 election ballots in Wheeling and Bethlehem will include a request for renewal of a property tax levy supporting the OVRTA.

Earlier this year, a tax issue for Ohio communities served by the EORTA was approved by nearly three-fourths of voters. Four years ago when the OVRTA measure was on the ballot in Wheeling and Bethlehem, similar margins were recorded.

Obviously, then, local taxpayers understand how important the bus service is to our communities and many people in them. Without OVRTA and EORTA, a significant number of people would not be able to go to work, to the store, etc.

We encourage Wheeling and Bethlehem voters to cast ballots for the levy again this fall. If anything, bus service is more important than ever to many people in our area.

Remember, this is a levy renewal. Approval will not increase taxes. It will mean merely that, in exchange for pennies a day from most taxpayers, the buses will keep rolling in our communities.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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