Deciding On GC&P Plan

It is time for Wheeling officials to make a decision on the GC&P Development proposal, one way or the other. Controversy over the plan has dragged on for more than seven years. Neither investors in the project nor residents of the affected area should have to endure more delays in resolving it.

Members of the city Planning Commission have the matter on their agenda for a meeting this evening. Whether they will vote on it is not known. Unless some unforeseen, reasonable purpose for delay is cited, they should vote tonight.

No one should envy commission members. Their desire as unpaid volunteers to do something for their community has placed them in a no-win situation. Regardless of how they vote, a significant number of people will be angry about the panel’s decision.

Even if commissioners vote, the matter will not be settled. Their function is to make a recommendation to Wheeling City Council, where responsibility for a final decision rests.

Almost always in an editorial of this nature, we cite a few details about whatever controversy may be at hand. It is a measure of the duration and intensity of the GC&P Development debate that no such summary is needed now.

It’s time for Planning Commission members to get this one off their table.


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