Give Scugoza A Fair Hearing

Given the history of environmental degradation linked to the Crossridge Landfill, it is no wonder many Jefferson County residents are biased against a proposal to reopen the facility. Still, the plan’s proponents ought to get a fair, objective hearing.

Landfill owner Joseph Scugoza has asked members of the Jefferson County Board of Health for just such a meeting. He did so during the board’s recent meeting.

A New York firm, Greenway Reclamation, is seeking to buy the closed landfill, conduct environmental remediation work and put the facility back into operation. Many Jefferson County residents, along with local government entities including the health board, have opposed the plan.

Pointing out that the board membership has changed since that position was taken last year, Scugoza asked for “a good, solid informational session with the board.” Unless that is don, “I feel the board isn’t doing their job of protecting the health, safety and well-being of Jefferson County,” the landfill owner added.

To that, board member Dr. Patrick Macedonia responded that he had attended a previous public meeting handled by Scugoza, and heard nothing prompting him to alter his opinion regarding the landfill. But, Macdonia added, “I think it would behoove us to hear his presentation so we can say we did our due diligence.”

Precisely. The issue is of such magnitude and importance to so many people that health board members ought to hear Scugoza’s pitch and ask questions about it. If, however, he is not very persuasive, another board vote opposing the plan would not be out of order.


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