Guard Against Coronavirus

More than 600 residents of our 10-county region are battling COVID-19 right now, according to West Virginia and Ohio state public health agencies. In truth, the numbers are higher than those shown at right, because state counts lag behind actual local totals.

Seventy-one of the coronavirus patients are residents of nursing homes in our area. It has hit eight of them, with the most serious outbreak Monday at a home in New Martinsville. There, 38 residents and 17 staff members had been diagnosed with the disease.

Classes at several schools in our area were suspended because of COVID-19 cases. Both Wheeling Park and Wheeling Central high schools are closed today because of the disease.

COVID-19 is making a deadly comeback throughout the nation. As West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice put it last week, “this terrible killer is still with us and spreading across our land…” Indeed it is. There have been some indications that is because some people have dropped their guard against the epidemic and have become less conscientious about safeguard such as social distancing and use of face coverings.

It is too early to declare “mission accomplished” against the virus. We still need to take steps to keep COVID-19 from spreading — especially to the vulnerable older people among us. If we fail to protect them adequately, the death toll will increase, perhaps dramatically.


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