Provide Funding For Follansbee

Important upgrades to both the water and sewer systems in Follansbee are being pursued by city officials. They should receive both state and federal funding assistance for the work.

Members of the municipal water and sewer boards discussed the plans last week. On the water system side, they include replacing some old lines and installing new valves.

Sewer system improvements include upgrading the treatment plant and installing new stormwater runoff lines. Like so many other communities, a significant percentage of sewer lines in Follansbee handle both storm water runoff and sanitary sewerage needs. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ordered separate lines be installed to handle the two tasks.

Follansbee has secured a $1.8 million private loan for the water and sewer projects, according to City Manager John DeStefano. State and federal funding are being sought, too.

Officials in both Charleston and Washington should look kindly upon Follansbee’s applications for assistance. We encourage them to provide grants for the work and, if that is not feasible, help with loans.


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