Why Dislike Trump?

Editor, News-Register:

For anyone not supporting Trump:

Do you dislike that he made cruelty to animals a felony? Do you dislike that he gave billions to stop the opioid crisis? He destroyed ISIS, killed how many terrorists without going to war and oh, wait, everyone said we’d be in World War III by now with North Korea. Do you dislike him because we are the largest producer of oil? Do you dislike him because he wanted to build a wall to keep criminals and drugs from coming in?

Do you dislike him because he just slashed the price for medications, in some cases 50%, which is driving Big Pharma nuts? Do you dislike that he signed a law ending the gag-order on pharmacists that prevented them from sharing money-saving options on prescriptions? Do you dislike that he signed the Save Our Seas Act, which funds $10 million per year to clean tons of plastic and garbage from the oceans?

Do you dislike that he signed a bill for airports to provide breast-feeding stations for nursing moms? Do you dislike that he signed the biggest wilderness protection and conservation bill in a decade, designating 375,000 acres as protected land? Do you dislike that he loves America and puts Americans first? Do dislike that he made a gay man the ambassador to Germany and then asked him to clean up national security and unclassified as much of it as possible for transparency?

Do you dislike that he’s kept almost every campaign promise (with ZERO support from Congress, who work against him daily) plus 100 more promises because Washington was much more broken than he thought? Do you dislike that he works for free, donating his salary to different charities? Do you dislike that he’s done more for the black community than every other president? Do you dislike that he listened to Senator Scott and passed Invest in Opportunity Zones to help minorities? Do you dislike that he passed prison reform, which gives people a second chance and has made quite a hug difference for the black communities?

Do you dislike that he passed VA reforms to benefit the very people who served our country and defended our freedom? Do you dislike that he’s winning and signing new trade deals that benefit Americans, instead of costing us more? Do you dislike that he loves his flag and his country? Do you dislike that he calls out and has shown all of us that they ARE fake news, and they twist the truth to control and mislead the people and he is trying to protect us from this?

Do you dislike that he’s ending wars? Do you dislike that he made a commitment to end child trafficking and crimes against humanity? Do you dislike that he’s brought home over 40 Americans held captive, the last one from Iran? Do you dislike that he’s proven he was right about the Deep State and he was spied on? Do you dislike that he was a billionaire before he ran for president and now is worth at least one-third less, because he loves America? Do you dislike that he’s making the world pay their fair share for the U.N.? Do you dislike that he respects cops, veterans, ICE and first responders?

Do you dislike that he does not sell out America to other countries, like the leaders prior to him have done? Could it be possible that the ones who sell out American to line their pockets own the media and Hollywood and hate him so much for trying to expose them and hate him for putting the people first? These people benefit when you hate the man trying to stop them, so they won’t have to give up their wealth that they have gotten and continue to get through mass taxation and control. Wouldn’t you at least want to research this possibility?

Could 65,000 Americans already know the truth, that he has done more for blacks in the last 20 years than our last five presidents put together and is actually not a racist but you believe he is because it has been drilled into your heard, and yet you’ve never researched his accomplishments? You can start by watching those daily briefings he did during the lockdown (all online) and then watching the coverage on the mainstream media and how they twisted it. Do you really believe the president encouraged people to inject bleach?

Did you research the effects of UV light, which is used to disinfect school buses and medical equipment and is also being used as a treatment for bacteria and respiratory infections by injecting it into humans (search Healight, but don’t use Google –use Duckduckgo). They want you to believe he is stupid, because if you figure out he isn’t, they will lose billions of dollars and all their control. I know … it is hard to let go of what you believed to be true for most of your life. You are not alone. But your blind hatred of this man who is literally trying to save us from the far left, radical socialists is going to be detrimental to our country if you continue to support their hatred.

They are teaching hatred and separation, even in families! You are not allowed to agree with part of their agenda and think for yourself. You must repeat their FULL belief system or name calling and insults ensure. This is the definition of a cult. All or nothing!

He’s never given a chance, yet he’s done more in four years than any president with zero help from the media or Democrats. Results don’t lie. Do your own research, please. I have.

Trump 2020.

Nora Murphy



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