School Funding Action Important

Buckeye State lawmakers need to find a sense of urgency if they are to do right by Ohio residents who are growing impatient for a solution to the flaws in the state’s school funding system. Once again, they are running out of time in this legislative session to accomplish such a fix.

A state Senate proposal includes some changes that may address the problems regarding school funding with an earlier House version. It still includes a six-year phase-in of a new funding system and would account for a community’s ability to help finance its schools, factoring in not only property values but also local income levels, according to its sponsors.

Crucially, the proposal would allow each General Assembly to determine how much money to put toward education, in recognition of the uncertainty the economy faces.

“As we enter the new General Assembly and a new budget cycle which will be rife with uncertainty, the importance of having a functioning, scalable, transparent and fair school funding plan … is indisputable,” state Sen. Vernon Sykes, D-District 28, said.

Well, yes. But politics being the unpredictable thing it is, there is no certainty lawmakers will act on the school funding measure, It is vital that when this legislative session ends Dec. 31, Ohioans know lawmakers worked together to solve the school funding woes that have plagued communities for far too long.

Putting it off — again — for the next legislative session is unacceptable.


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