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WPHS Soccer Wins 3 in Row

Normally, winning a state championship in high school sports requires vanquishing only one foe. It took three wins for the Wheeling Park High School girls’ soccer team to bring home the trophy, however.

Coach Carrie Hanna’s team won the state Class AAA title on Saturday, beating previously unbeaten Parkersburg South in a game at Beckley.

Just getting to Beckley required two other wins, however. First, there was COVID-19. For a time, it was uncertain high school sports would be permitted this fall.

Limitations put in place because of the epidemic prevented the team from competing in the OVAC tournament. Then, it was found a coach and some players had to be quarantined because they had been in contact with a COVID-19 patient.

Finally, last week, it took a state Supreme Court ruling to allow the Beckley tournament to be played, after a Berkeley County judge attempted to delay it.

“We’ve faced so much adversity,” Hanna commented on Saturday.

Indeed the team has — but we trust that has made the state championship even sweeter to players, coaches and WPHS girls’ soccer fans.


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