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Approve Funding For a New Jail

We do not recall ever having heard of a place where the local jail is as inadequate as Harrison County’s. The facility, in Cadiz, can hold just eight prisoners.

Even during relatively normal times, that is insufficient for a county with slightly more than 15,000 residents. During the past few years, with a drug abuse epidemic in progress, the jail has been woefully inadequate.

County commissioners have been forced to pay other counties to house Harrison’s prisoners, at a cost last year alone of about $170,000.

Commissioners hope to replace the outdated lockup with a new $15 million jail adjacent to the U.S. Army Reserve Center. That building would be renovated to serve as the sheriff’s department.

Steps are being taken to apply for a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant to help fund the project, which is intended to provide 60-80 beds.

Federal officials should approve the county’s request. If need is a criteria, Harrison County should be at or near the top of the list for approval.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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