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We Need Bright Spot in the Gloom

College football seems terribly unimportant in many ways, right now. All around us, the lives of good people are being cut short by a viral disease epidemic.

Within days — perhaps even before you read this — the COVID-19 death toll will top 1,000 in West Virginia. Before the epidemic ends, it is entirely possible half a million of our fellow Americans will become victims.

So yes, whether any college football team wins or loses — or even plays — seems insignificant.

It is precisely because so many of us are both deeply saddened and very worried now that some need help with our morale. We need some brightness.

Especially for those of faith, Christmas will provide it. Even that glorious celebration will be dampened by the absence of loved ones we dare not be near, because of the virus.

Then will come the post-holiday letdown, as the epidemic continues to rage. Many Mountain State residents will yearn for a bright spot in the gloom — something to feel carefree and good about for just a few hours.

For many years, West Virginia University football has been the great uniter in our state. Even people who genuinely care nothing about sports root for the Mountaineers.

There is speculation now about whether they should accept a bid to a football bowl game, if one is offered.

They should — provided such an event can be conducted safely for all concerned. Win or lose, WVU in a bowl game would be a small victory for West Virginians.

And we need one badly.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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