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Getting it Right In Buckeye State

While Ohio works to attract new visitors, it has a running start with efforts to attract employers. According to corporate real estate and economic development magazine Site Selection, Ohio leads the country in new corporate facility projects per capita. It is second on the list for total projects.

“In Ohio, we have a strong business community that will work alongside new companies who are looking to invest and utilize our skilled workforce,” Gov. Mike DeWine said.

According to the magazine, 25 of the state’s smaller areas were among the top 100 in the nation. Something is going right for those parts of the state.

Now it is time for lawmakers and economic development officials to find a way to translate it to the large swaths of rural Ohio still struggling. Those areas are just bursting with potential to attract those hoping to escape the urban jungles of some other, more populated states. But rural communities need help. They need resources and ideas. They need someone to believe in them, too.

Columbus has proof there is a formula for success in developing part of the Buckeye State. Now let’s make it work for all of Ohio.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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