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Helping Those Who Serve the Neediest

For many Ohio seniors, the past year has been frightening in more ways than one. For those who relied on outside support to get healthy meals every day, the service has been a life-saver.

Their need has not ended, of course. In some ways, it is as significant as ever. But the Ohio Controlling Board has made an important move to help agencies continue to fill the need. It approved an additional $6.137 million request from the Ohio Department of Aging, to be distributed to the agencies providing home-delivered meals to eligible Ohioans.

Let us remember, though: the agencies serving our seniors need our own donations, too. Financial help is always appreciated, but so are non-perishable items.

Some Ohioans are seeing an end to the struggle and isolation brought on by COVID-19. Far too many are not. The ODA’s distribution of funds to those who are helping the most vulnerable among us should serve as a reminder they need our help, too.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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