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We All Can Play a Role in Litter Control

Think tossing a fast-food wrapper or plastic bottle out of your vehicle window is harmless? Well, if you’re not worried about the environmental impact or the creation of an eyesore, maybe the cost will grab your attention.

Ohio taxpayers spend approximately $4 million a year to pay the Ohio Department of Transportation to pick up 400,000 or so bags of trash from along Buckeye State roadways.

Imagine being so thoughtless as to contribute to a $4 million problem that is entirely preventable.

“This money could be better spent if people would simply keep trash in their vehicle and secure items they are hauling,” ODOT spokesman Matt Bruning told another media outlet. “There is zero excuse for litter ending up along Ohio roadsides.”

In addition to the cost, litter cleanup also takes up time that could be better spent. Last year, ODOT employees spent more than 150,000 hours picking up trash.

Certainly, local organizations can help by participating in the Adopt-A-Highway program. But the heart of the problem is those who have so little regard for their communities that they would rather hurl trash out of their vehicles.

Bruning is right. There is no excuse for that.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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