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Time For America To Resume Work

Let’s get back to work.

Talk to any business owner, manager or human resources supervisor and you will hear the same story: We can’t find people to work. We have jobs but no applicants.

In most cases this lack of workforce is hampering a business’s ability to grow and service customers. It’s even forcing some area food-service businesses to close one to two days a week because of not having enough help.

As our region, state and nation prepare for a post-pandemic resurgence, it’s more difficult than ever finding employees, in nearly every field, at any pay rate. A key to our nation’s recovery — particularly with all of the federal stimulus that’s been handed out — is businesses being in the position to thrive. In order to thrive, businesses need the backbone of the economy — workers.

This lack of workforce job seekers is impacting economic growth and could have an adverse impact on the region’s progress and its ability to welcome and serve the visitors we expect will return this summer. We have heard multiple stories about businesses having to reduce hours or services offered because of the inability to hire a workforce. Bottom line: It’s time for Americans to get back to work. It’s high time for Congress to end the supplemental unemployment benefits.

We commend Congress for this program when the pandemic hit and forced many Americans into circumstances beyond their control. Many jobs were lost during this time, and the situation for many turned on a dime. But now, drive down any main street. The jobs are there, in a variety of sectors.

The current subsidies of $300-$400 weekly in addition to normal state unemployment benefits under the America Rescue Plan Act 2021, signed in March 2021, are due to expire in September.

Congress must let these expire or terminate them even earlier, reserving unemployment benefits for those who truly need it and encouraging those able to get hired.


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