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Volunteers Make Wheeling Shine

If Wheeling is serious about marketing itself as a low-cost, low-crime, family friendly location for remote workers to move and live, then volunteer-based community events such as the Make Wheeling Shine effort that took place this past Saturday are critical in ensuring the city presents itself well.

About 100 volunteers in Wheeling came out Saturday to clean up playgrounds and other areas from a long winter of litter and other assorted debris. They collected hundreds of bags of trash to be taken to the landfill.

Groups such as Generation Wheeling and the Wheeling YWCA brought volunteers to take part. There also were Wheeling Park High School students and other residents involved.

“Our motivation is ‘Work, live and give.’ This was a perfect pairing to help give a little back,” Wheeling resident Robert Felton of Generation Wheeling said. “I’m from Wheeling, so we kind of grew up on these playgrounds. It all comes kind of full circle to help come back and do our small part clean it up a little bit.”

This effort follows a highly successful push led by city Councilman Ben Seidler to clean up Wheeling Island. That clean-up effort saw tons of trash and junk removed.

“Conditions on Wheeling Island, prior to this cleanup event, were incredibly out of control,” Seidler told city council last month. “If we ranked the neighborhoods in terms of junk and trash, Wheeling Island has to be the first, and there’s not even a close second.”

Congratulations needs to be given for all the cleaning up taking place around Wheeling right now. By simply picking up the trash people dump in some neighborhoods, it makes Wheeling more attractive to both residents and visitors.

Business owners and potential new residents considering new locations like to see the places they are considering.

A neat, clean city is far more likely to be an economic development selling point.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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